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Services de Proyecto Plus

Proyecto Plus is an Advertisement company born in 1999, in Barcelona. Since then, Proyecto Plus has organized a great number of promotional actions that have positioned it in the market. Proyecto Plus offers: • Point of Sales Promotions • Hostesses, Image Hostesses, High Profile Hostesses... • Actors, Point of Sales and events interaction. • Creative equipment: “What does not communicate does not exist”, under this motto we will help you develop your ideas. • Complementary services to set on your campaign. Each and every action at Proyecto Plus, is backed by the most rigorous staff training and selection as well as a complete course on objective-oriented training. Among Proyecto Plus customers you will find: Altadis, Angulas Aguinaga, Bandai, Bizak, CotyAstor, Novartis, Nutrexpa, Knorr, Oekter, Distriborg, Vega Mayor Alimentación, Tecni Toys, Endesa, Giovanni Rana and Casa Más.

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